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The Future Of Industrial Societies

Next, a treatment will be applied to those who might become drunk drivers , then perhaps to peel who spank their children, then to environmentalists who sabotage logging equipment, eventually to anyone whose behavior is inconvenient for the system. Since many people may find paradoxical the notion that a large number of good things can add up to a bad thing, we illustrate with an analogy. Suppose Mr. A is playing chess with Mr. B. Mr. C, a Grand Master, is looking over Mr. A’s shoulder.

We must recruit highly intelligent people on a rational basis, and others using emotion, but both with truth. Political solutions are worthless; the revolution must be global and must not be distracted by other worthy issues. All must be aware that the destruction of society and large-scale technology must be the only goal. Our destruction of society will bring great suffering, but it will be no worse than if technological society continues on its inevitable course. Industrial society is so integrated that even its good parts rely on its bad parts. Technological advancements can be delayed, but never prevented, and once in place can never be removed except by an even stronger development.

That is, do these organizations make further environmental destruction net 0 (or in a good case reverse said damage?). Even from Ted’s time to today the environment is worse and shrinking day by day. Not to argue that it’s valid to mail bombs as a result of ideology but this part is disingenuous. The striking part of this passage, to me, is that Kaczynski deprived innocent people of the very tranquility that he valued and sought for himself. He sought his own form of peace despite causing generalized anxiety for millions of Americans, and suffering for those who lost loved ones or were themselves injured. Sign up for the Books of Titans monthly newsletter and get a list of 10 books that just might change your life.

It will be of great use following the revolution. The revolution might not be violent, but it must not be political. Political victories are short-lived, compromise the ideal, and eventually alienate supporters. Industrial society must be highly organized, precluding the existence of autonomous units that don’t perfectly fit in with the whole.

It’s that there’s so little reason to believe any of his work is worth our time. Because it’s not always appropriate to separate the ideas from the person. When reading the book it is quite evident that it’s not only some sort of abstract philosophical work, but more of a personal feud between Ted Kaczynski and society, which is of course also reflected in his actions. I’d argue that essentially no writing on social issues is really sound. We don’t understand humanity in aggregate or what underpins us well enough. Scientific studies on these topics are generally limited and biased with true randomization being essentially impossible.

In doing so they will be worsening the population problem only slightly. But the way to discourage ethnic conflict is NOT through militant advocacy of minority rights . Instead, the revolutionaries should emphasize that although minorities do suffer more or less disadvantage, this disadvantage is of peripheral significance. Our real enemy is the industrial- technological system, and in the struggle against the system, ethnic distinctions are of no importance. But suppose now that industrial society does survive the next several decades and that the bugs do eventually get worked out of the system, so that it functions smoothly.