Manufacturing Contemporary society and its particular Upcoming

Ted Kaczynski´s Industrial Society And Its Future

But this implies management of nature and of human life by organized society, and it requires advanced technology. You can’t have a united world without rapid transportation and communication, you can’t make all people love one another without sophisticated psychological techniques, you can’t have a “planned society” without the necessary technological base. Above all, leftism is driven by the need for power, and the leftist seeks power on a collective basis, through identification with a mass movement or an organization.

Revolution offers a solution to all problems at the same time. Its followers see an ideal new world as their eventual goal. The day might come soon when economic and environmental pressures actually do weaken the existing system. That would be the ideal situation in which revolution could succeed in destroying it.

This, by the way, is part of the reason why some people get worked up about the right to bear arms; possession of a gun puts that aspect of their security in their own hands. Reality is more complex, and of course, deprivation with respect to the power process is not the ONLY cause of the symptoms described. By the way, when we mention depression we do not necessarily mean depression that is severe enough to be treated by a psychiatrist. Often only mild forms of depression are involved. And when we speak of goals we do not necessarily mean long-term, thoughtout goals.

Industrial Society and Its Future emphasizes how the industrial revolution rapidly accelerated this and the restrictions on everyday lives, which I cannot disagree with. I listened to it by putting it in to natural read app on my Iphone. But suppose on the other hand that the stresses of the coming decades prove to be too much for the system.

He didn’t kill people and later justify it with manifesto. He wrote a manifesto, and used the publicity of killings to get it published. The killings were secondary to his objectives, and had a better, nonviolent method of mass publication existed at the time, Ted K would have likely opted to use it instead.

Education is no longer a simple affair of paddling a kid’s behind when he doesn’t know his lessons and patting him on the head when he does know them. It is becoming a scientific technique for controlling the child’s development. Sylvan Learning Centers, for example, have had great success in motivating children to study, and psychological techniques are also used with more or less success in many conventional schools. “Parenting” techniques that are taught to parents are designed to make children accept fundamental values of the system and behave in ways that the system finds desirable. “Mental health” programs, “intervention” techniques, psychotherapy and so forth are ostensibly designed to benefit individuals, but in practice they usually serve as methods for inducing individuals to think and behave as the system requires.